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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  February 6, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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first of all, you're asian, so --" [ laughter ] there is humor in everything, you know? like, talking about my mom having breast cancer and like, that's how our family deals with things, you know? like, we're in the hospital and my -- my sister's crying. i mean, she was literally like, in tears, and i'm like, you know, "are you okay?" and she's like, "yeah, like -- it's genetic." and i was like, "[ bleep ]." and it got all of us laughing, you know? like, that's -- that was brilliant. i was like, "i'm gonna steal that!" keep laughing, guys. my name's courtney scheuerman. [ cheers and applause ] you guys are awesome. >> carson: that was courtney scheuerman. our thanks to our friends at the ice house in pasadena, too. stick around, "last call continues" right after this. to keep up to date with all the very latest celebrity news, videos, and pictures, be sure
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>> carson: that's our show. thanks to the hotel cafe , all of our guests and now one more from my old buddy melanie martinez. back to the troubadour we go. and we'll see you guys real soon here on "last call." later. if you weren't born with it you can buy a couple ornaments just be sure to read
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two threats, two schools on lockdown. a massive crane collapses caught on camera. in taiwan an earthquake toppled a rye-rise building filled with people. pat bowlen was in the hospital recently. what we're learning about his health and recovery. >> and you're an instructor? >> you look like an out of work magician. >> it's a hobby. >> and the actor who will be trying to move the ad meter during the super bowl. he will not be in santa clara for the super bowl, but pat bowlen will be a driving force on sunday.
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to eight super bowls, mr. bowlen faced a new problem. he was hospitalized for a blood clot. the broncos issued a statement. "mr. b. is doing much better and resting comfortably at home." mayor hancock says he doesn't know how much it's costing city tax payers to send him to the super bowl. companies doing business with the city paid about $40,000 for his last trip to the super bowl in new york. issues. so this year, they're paying for flights and accommodations using taxpayer money. the ethics board said there's no problem with him receiving free tickets. >> we've been work around the clock, nothing but preparing for our promotion in support
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available and present during this epic event. >> when mayor hancock was at the super bowl in new york city, he was lobbying for denver to host the big game. denver does not have a bid in for the 2021 and 2022 super bowls. if the broncos do win sunday, denver police want to make sure the celebrations here do not get out of control. in 1996, there was violence when the avs wons stanley cup. and it turned ugly again when the broncos won the super bowl in 1998. police are very aware of the for sunday. patrols downtown. >> they'll be interacting with all of the fans as the game proceeds. and our hope is that everyone can celebrate safely. >> police have asked bars to put away the glasses and serve drinks in plastic cups and to
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and is officers will be on the lookout for drunk drivers. our crews in san francisco will have the latest on the team, and the support behind a sign supporting the broncos. deputies have arrested two suspects in a fatal shooting in a mobile home park in boulder. deputies say 31-year-old andrew duncan was shot several times and died at the hospital. cody nelson and mirram nigh are at the hospital. two threats, two arrests involving three different school districts. arcada -- our sources say the boy came to arvada to see a girl, made a threat to her, and told her he had a gun. the girl told her teacher and is a resource officer. the officer put the school on lockdown. police and security did a controlled release of students.
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were not found near the school. the teen however was arrested. the other threat caused a lockout at cintaras high school in lafayette. he was arrested this afternoon in arvada, accused of making threats over the phone. twitter is now targeting isis. twitter says in the last eight month, it has suspended 125,000 accounts for promoting terrorism. it's the first time the company has shared specifics about what it's doing. it says it's expanded its team, reviewing posts and accounts flagged by other users and using spam-fighting tools to seek out similar accounts. twitter touts its commitment to free speech, but pressure from the obama administration has stepped in to stop the spread of terrorism propaganda. an earthquake in taiwan trapped hundreds inside high rises. at least five people have died, including a 10-year-old and an infant. rescuers have pulled more than
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are trying to reach more who are still trapped. the earthquake measuring 6.4 hit early in the morning while most were asleep. it's moving fast now, dropping really quick! [ cursing ] >> the moment a crane almost the length of two football fields crashed onto a street in new york city this morning. construction crews were in the process of lowering it to a more secure location because of the high winds. a man walking down the street was hit and is killed. three others were hurt. astronaut edgar mitchell has passed away at 85. he was the sixth man to walk on the moon. he joined nasa in 1966. he died after a short illness. nasa's administrator called him a pioneer of space exploration. fans across the country are choosing their first team for the super bowl. and cities coast to coast are trying to keep them happy.
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empire state building is lit in orange and blue. it's also sporting blue and is white on the other two sides for the panthers. in san francisco an area being called super bowl city is concerts. one republic is among the performers this evening. in denver the city's tallest skycraper, a broncos logo is on the top of the plaza. it'll stay there through sunday night at least. the last time the broncos were in the super bowl, daniel hillburn had not yet been diagnosed with leukemia. he is now 16 and cancer-free. it was his battle against the disease that's given him the chance to seat broncos on sunday. he was being treated, he began working at the radio station there. after leave, he became an ambassador for the hospital. when children's was given eight super bowl tickets by the broncos they asked daniel
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at face value. >> i said okay, these other tickets for the super bowl. and my dad was, like, we're not going to super bowl. i said, yeah, we'll find a way. and we ended up being given the opportunity by the hospital to get the tickets. and we didn't turn it down. >> daniel and his dad leave for the game tomorrow morning. if you've driven through nederland this season, you knew the broncos were gonna win the super bowl. you saw the sign that says go broncos. he is 80 years old and blind. a neighbor helped him form those letters and put them on the fence. his son passed away a few years ago from kidney failure. some of his best memories are watching the broncos. >> i kind of think that he
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the super bowl this time. but as they kept getting closer to the super bowl, i kept leaving it on, 24 hours a day. and that might have helped too. >> we'll have more on the story of the sign and the two men behind it at 5:00. scoring tickets to the bowl is like winning the lottery. a man in colorado says he's come up with a system. he schedules his vacations around the super bowl. he's travelled to ten so far. >> reporter: on a busy san francisco sidewalk -- >> i'm here on vacation. >> reporter: denver resident and bronco fan ron katz looks as if he's just standing around while the world just passes him by. you. when it comes to super bowl,
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>> i've gone to ten of the last 15 years. >> reporter: focused on his phone. trying to win super bowl tickets. >> there aren't a lot of contests in the super bowl host city. >> reporter: he's done it before. our 9news crews found him in new york two years ago. >> we just won super bowl tickets. >> reporter: right after he scored a free ticket. >> it was a scratch-off ticket. again. booking several days of airline tickets and hotel rooms because he doesn't exactly know when he'll leave. before. manning. >> reporter: and in hopes by contests -- >> watching a twitter tweet companies. >> reporter: and is putting in san francisco -- >> you put your team in the best place to win. >> reporter: he'll get off
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stadium. >> lightning strikes twice. >> ron says even if he doesn't get a ticket, he still enjoys a great vacation and claims he can do it on a budget. even in an expensive place like san francisco. he can fly, stay, or eat for six or seven days for less than $8 hundred. we look ahead to a warmer weekend, and what it'll be like in colorado and california. then one of the most popular simulations of the super bowl calls for a late broncos comeback. >> and a real live simulation inside the stadium. and a sneak peek at a local actor's role in a super bowl beer commercial. >> and we're live from california where we'll meet tj ward.
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last year the maddon football game predicted the final score. it came been a few yards of predicting the stats for players. the only thing it didn't get right was the ending. the game had a last-minute touchdown for new england. what does it predict for super bowl 50? carolina runs away with it in the 1st half, 17-0. denver comes out on fire in the 2nd. and cam newton starts to have trouble. broncos close the gap, 17-13, going into the 4th quarter. a manning touchdown to demaryius thomas puts denver ahead. carolina has the final possession, cam newton scores with a john elway-like spin into the end zone. carolina wins, 24-20.
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[ laughter ] >> consider it a dress rehearsal. two bay area high school teams got to play the role of the panters and broncos in levi stadium today. they actually went out and found one team that has a quarterback that loves to run the football and the other with a quarterback that likes to throw from the pocket! they even gave them specific sets of plays to rehearse. oh, canada! football just isn't your game. everything is hockey north of the border. even the super bowl. this graphic from a tv station in montreal, previewing the game between the broncos and is the florida panthers. >> oh! >> of course we've never made a graphics error. [ laughter ] >
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plenty of sunshine on their backs. temperatures in the 70s at kickoff. 70s around here? nope. not the case. we're kicking off the month of february. it's been cold, snow, this afternoon nice to see a little blue sky. a couple high-level clouds. did you catch that orange glow over the city? a spectacular broncos instead. temperatures only made their way into the upper 30s. below average, 37 out at the airport. 39 in greeley. some spots in eastern colorado in the 40s. at the airport, 19. the winds have been coming at us out of the south, southwest all afternoon. they're about 14 miles per hour, and is it's making it feel a lot cooler. 6 degrees. we're look at temperatures right there at 19. good night to put on a big coat. winds even worse around the
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in the 20-30 mile per hour range. 35 out there in blackhawk. relatively quiet as far as the gusts go. things are picking up out there in southern wyoming with a high-wind warning in place until 11:00 tomorrow. wind gusts about 75 miles per hour. blowing and is drifting snow also an issue. visibility probably will be pretty poor. tomorrow afternoon up i-25 and i-80 as well. high pressure is gonna bring us a nice sunny and dry day tomorrow. a warm one, relatively speaking. then the storm system sitting just up to our north is gonna be a glancing blow. that will dip into the area for us late saturday night into sunday. that should cool us off and bring us gustier winds. it's been a quiet day statewide. mostly clear tonight, tomorrow morning 7:00 am, things will
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we'll have a few more clouds building in in the early afternoon. a mountain wave cloud developing across the i-25 corridor. that's gonna be about it. a good dose of some sunshine. numbers down to the single digits and teens for most of eastern colorado. and the usual suspects, gunnison going zub 0 tonight -- sub zero tonight. winds picking up around the foothills. in town about 5-15 miles per hour. tomorrow wall to wall sunshine for the start of the day. with the southwesterly winds, we can crank up the temperatures to just about 50 degrees in the metro area. 40s and 50s out east in the 20s and some spots in the 30s in the high country, as well as the foothills. it should be a nice afternoon if we can get rid of the wind. the wind will be problematic. estes park 39. upper 40s in longmont and fort collins.
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cold front moves through. kicks up our winds just a bit as well. no worries, we'll all be inside watching the big game. temperatures return to seasonal averages on monday. and we'll crank up the dial, 50s and 60s for most of next week. mother nature bringing her game, and we hope the broncos bring their a-game as well. an el nio year, northern california has had so much rain. seeing sunshine and 73 degrees for kickoff? couldn't ask for anything better. >> i guess we could ask to be there. [ laughter ] >> well! [ laughter ] >> don't be greedy! >> i know, i know. [ chanting ] how rude of me trying to
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today was the final day of our broncos video challenge. a few unique places to watch the big game. theaters, ski resort, on campus or a casino, or in church! your mother was an orange. >> one of the ads they'll be playing to move during the super bowl. the guy on the other end of the beer glass is local comedian tj miller. he told me earlier today the
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welcome back live to santa clara, california. broncos final practice, peyton looked good! just one incomplete pass, but that was against the scout team. against the carolina defense it'll be a tad tougher. but they're still not like that denver d. tj ward grew up just up the street, played for one of the best high schools in the entire country.
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do with that team's success. >> reporter: 12 years. >> most dominating teams in all of sports history. >> reporter: domination might not do it justice. >> never lost in high school. >> not once. >> reporter: tj ward played at de la salle in concord, california, about an hour from where the super bowl will be played. he was part of a run from 1992 to 24 where the spartans won 151 consecutive games. football. >> reporter: ward is now an all-pro safety in denver. you would think he would have played a huge role for his high school team. >> his career here, he kind of labored in relative obscurity. it was kind of a disappointing career at de la salle. due to no fault of his own. due to injury. >> reporter: he only started three games in high school. a knee injury ended his senior season early and prior to that, he couldn't get on the field.
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situation. i developed later than others. >> reporter: a late bloomer, and ward really took off. >> always a good athlete, and he could always hit. >> for somebody to tell me that he was gonna be playing in the nfl, just looking at his career here at de la salle, i would have said you're crazy. >> reporter: struggling to play in high school was a walk- on in college and is now the starting safety at super bowl. >> he went against all odds out of sheer will power. >> reporter: the win streak, the experience. his time at de la salle moled him into the person he is today. even with the lack of playing time. >> some guys just catch fire later than others.
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talked about winning for peyton manning and do marcus wear -- demarcus ware. but even though take a backseat to mr. bowlen. >> reporter: the broncos rally to defeat the panthers, john elway is brought up to the super bowl stage, he's handed the lombardi trophy. he holds it up and says this one's for pat. and is if that moment happens, pat bowlen will be at his home watching it on tv. it was reported today bowlen was hospitalized with a blood clot. that did happen two months ago on december 6th, the same day the broncos held on to defeat the chargers in san diego. 9news was aware of it then, monitored the situation, decided not to report it out of private medical concerns. bowlen fully recovered from his complications. he met a visitor last month in
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last week president joe ellis talked to the players about what bowlen has meant to their team. last week broncos president joe ellis addressed the players about what bowlen has meant to their team. if the broncos win, there's no doubt it would be dedicated to the man everyone associated with the team referred to as mr. b. a huge win on the hardwood at home for the nuggets as they rally past the bolts. denver came back from down 16 in the 4th! 110-115. we finish with football, back to those broncos, and their fans are everywhere. we tracked down a bunch of them in orange at st. pious high school in houston! why the excitement there? that's because broncos head
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their class of 1979. >> the decision of wearing orange is easy because it's one of our school colors. kind of ironic because they're playing the panthers. we didn't want to have too much panther gear. but we wanted to support the broncos. >> reporter: that's very smart. hide the panthers stuff. be all about the orange. we're gonna have much more
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